Welcome to First Alert

Since its foundation in 1986, First Alert has established a formidable track record of success in the fire and emergency response field and is now widely acknowledged as an industry leader.

The substantial bank of knowledge, research and experience accrued over the years is now used to offer a broad range of services aimed at reducing risk in premises ­ the risk of personal injury, the risk of property damage, the risk of public liability.

First Alert staff are experienced, not only in fire and emergency response procedures, but also in communicating that knowledge to those they train.

Comprehensive fire and emergency response procedures and training help reduce the risk of your emergency turning into a tragedy.

First Alert can take the task, and the risk, out of your hands and offer you peace of mind and a safer place for you, your staff, customers and visitors.

You will be amazed what a difference it makes simply knowing that you are prepared.

Elsewhere on this site, you will find information on all aspects of the services offered by First Alert. Please browse and when you are ready to discuss your fire and emergency response requirements, go to the contact us page to find the relevant First Alert State office.