Emergency Planning Committee Training

Industry throughout Australia has specific site hazards that may pose a risk to the day-to-day operations and the financial viability of a company and, in a worst-case scenario, the injury or death of staff.

First Alert provides emergency response team (ERT) training under licence using the Certificate II (Operations) training module issued by the Australasian Fire Authority Council.

The level of risk and the equipment the client or agency possesses, will dictate the specific Australasian Fire Authority Council level to which personnel are trained; ranging from hose drill and pump operation to more complicated hazardous chemical incident control, decontamination procedures, incident control systems, prevention and salvage.

First Alert designs and delivers training to specific Australasian Fire Authority Council Certificate II (Operations) competency standards, or part thereof. Training topics include pump operation, hose drill, ladder work, knots and lines, vehicle rescue, search and rescue techniques, structural fire behaviour, methods of extinguishment, portable fire extinguisher identification and method of operation.

All of the above training may be conducted to meet Health and Safety legislation and/or agency and/or client standard operational procedures.