Warden Registration

Welcome to the Online Warden Registration page. The following provides an example of a typical Warden Team which is usually known as an Emergency Control Organisation.

As a member of an Emergency Control Organisation you will play an important role in maximising the life safety of occupants when responding to an emergency. To support your role, two one hour meetings/training sessions will be scheduled each year and one annual trial evacuation will take place to test the Emergency Response Plan, Fire Safety Systems and Communication System.

To enable you to nominate for the appropriate position or change your current Warden position, please fill out the following form.

  • I acknowledge by lodging this Nomination Form I approve/undertake the following:

    Information collected on the Warden Nomination Form is made available to the Emergency Planning Committee and the Emergency Control Organisation and occupants as a compliance requirement under AS 3745. Publication of this information in the Warden Register which may appear in both hard copy and on a website secured by access codes. Advise immediately First Alert should I at any time cease to hold this position. Despatch to me technical bulletins, newsletters and notices of meetings to support my role.